How we can benefits and help your business ?

Bring Your F&B Business Online

There is a lot of approach, system, social media, tutorial & classes that seen to be helping your to get your business online. Find the most useful and effective ways is what you need to do.

What You Think Is

Create a Facebook page or Instagram for my company and post something to attract more customer and hope they come to buy with me.

But The Truth Is

  • Share your posts to many Facebook group, but only get 3 Likes and No Sales.
  • Spent many time on Facebook Posts, but it gone within few minutes.
  • Hard to see any improvement in short time.
  • Very difficult to build up your audiences.
  • People is not interested/attracted by your posting.
  • Wasted many resources on Facebook but no effect.
  • Inappropriate of using Social Media as digital marketing tools.


Why don't you let potential customer come to find you ?

Every content and item are SEO Friendly. We help potential customers find your store using search engines and intend to bring more customer to your business.

Once customer found you on Google, they can easily get your contact & information, browse and view your item in a comprehensible ways, and add your item into their shopping cart.

Lastly, visitor can use WhatsApp Express Checkout function to complete order without any troublesome step. You will receive orders on WhatsApp and customer contact at the same time !

How help ?

  • Enhance your online presence.
  • Let many potential customer can find you in Google.
  • SEO result and exposure that can last long forever.
  • Shopping cart & Express WhatsApp Checkout to let your customer place order.
  • Faster and efficient way to expand new market.
  • Content writing and advertising to help you attract more customer.
  • Get a page that sells plus an online ordering system & features.
  • Precisely use of social media and search engine to generate more sales.
  • Accept unlimited order from your smartphone without any charges and commissions.
  • Sell Faster, Sell Easier, Less Losing, More Winning.

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Just with those points above, Digital Marketing is your just ATM.

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Let eATEd help you to expand and make your digital marketing works!